For an exclusive eco-friendly wellness retreat enveloped in the very depths of nature, we do all we can at The Banjaran to conserve the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. The sustainable design features implemented in the resort balance both the well-being of the environment and promote green messages to our guests and the community, while also enhancing the quality of life for our neighbours by improving the infrastructure and creating employment and business opportunities for all.


As part of our commitment to the local and global environment, we use only organic, chemical-free skincare products at The Banjaran. We also implement a strict policy on the use of single-use plastic and ensure that ceramic containers are used wherever possible. Throughout the resort, water and energy conservation is key, with the latest technology utilised, such as manual irrigation, low-usage water systems and the use of energy-efficient light bulbs. Waste management systems also ensure that various waste products such as paper, plastic, metal, glass, kitchen waste, garden waste and toxic waste are properly separated and recycled, while our onsite composting facility transforms waste into natural fertilisers.

Organic Gardens

At The Banjaran, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our ever-evolving onsite organic gardens now span almost 100 square metres and we grow as much of our own produce as possible. Chef Boon carefully selects the products, including local herbs, native vegetables and fresh vegetables, which are then used to create indulgent dishes in each of our restaurants. We also want our guests to be part of the experience and appreciate the value of sustainable farming, which is why we invite you to harvest your own produce for lunch and dinner during a stay at The Banjaran.

Sustainable design

We respect our surrounding topography, preserving many natural elements and incorporating them into the design, including water bodies, landscape and vegetation, as well as the caves. Each villa embraces traditional architectural to promote natural ventilation and solar control, while locally-procured construction materials are used where possible. Our eco-chic interiors, meanwhile, take advantage of recycled wood, deadwood, and driftwood, creating a seamless connection with nature.

Parking with i Charging Facilities

We have ample parking space and we provide BMW i charging facilities at The Banjaran for your convenience.

Designed to be ergonomic and produced with high-quality green materials. Certified to international standards for safe and reliable charging.

If you prefer travelling around Ipoh in your own vehicle, you can simply park at our retreat during your stay.