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Getting around in Ipoh

Only two hours from cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur, The Banjaran is a world away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Our secluded resort is, however, within 15 minutes easy reach of the pearl of Peninsular Malaysia’s central Perak state, Ipoh. Flanked by limestone peaks and prehistoric jungle, the historic city is currently undergoing a cultural — and sustainable — renaissance, buoyed by its booming food scene, charming colonial architecture and doorstep natural attractions. 


Throughout its long and storied history, Ipoh has played host to Chinese merchants, tin miners, tea barons, artisans and artists. Once seen as simply a gateway to the balmy Cameron Highlands, the city is again regarded as one of Malaysia’s most culturally significant destinations. The old town teems with temples and tea shops, contemporary street art compliments century-old architecture and mosques rub shoulders with museums. Thanks to a raft of innovative, community-orientated initiatives, including immersive walking tours and craft workshops, you can savour daily life from a local perspective, as well as visiting enduring colonial landmarks like the train station, town hall and Birch Memorial Clock Tower along the heritage trail.


Ask any Malaysian what comes to mind when you mention Ipoh and they’ll inevitably respond ‘food’. On par with other culinary hotspots like KL and Penang — although locals will of course claim its superiority — the Perak capital is a melting pot of the country’s Chinese, Malay and Indian influences, combining to produce a wholly unique cuisine.It’s almost impossible to visit the old town without being drawn towards the aromas drifting from the dazzling array of shophouses and street food stalls. Arguably the easiest ways to sample legendary dishes — like beansprout chicken, soybean curd (tau foo fah) and gai si hor fun, a soup of shredded chicken, prawns and fresh flat rice noodles — is on one of the many walking tours now available. 


More than 260 million years in the making, the lost world of mountains, caves and tropical rainforests surrounding Ipoh is arguably one of Malaysia’s most overlooked national treasures. This prehistoric playground is not only home to our intimate wellness resort but also an array revered cave temples, such as Sam Poh Tong, cascading waterfalls including Tanjung Rambutan and even one of the country’s tallest peaks: Mount Yong Belar. Elsewhere you’ll find birdwatching tours, treks, cycling trails and boat rides along the Kinta River. One of Perak’s most celebrated attractions, Lenggong Valley, meanwhile, is only an hour’s drive away. The UNESCO World Heritage Site features of Malaysia's most exciting archaeological finds, the 11,000-year-old 'Perak Man', a rare complete skeleton thought to be the oldest discovered in Southeast Asia. A little further up the road is the enchanting Belum-Temenggor Rainforest, home to protected tigers, tapirs, panthers and sun bears.


Discover a whole new world at Sunway Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, with its recreational rides and attractions built around 400-million year-old limestone features and natural hot springs. It's a great destination to visit with friends or your entire family, so make sure not to give this place a miss.

Sunway Lostworld The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat
The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat Exterior
The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat Exterior