Our highly-personalised approach to wellbeing spans spoiling spa treatments, bespoke wellness programmes and first-class fitness facilities, all inspired by our natural surroundings. With in-resort geothermal hot spring pools and holistic treatment caves, as well as traditional rituals and energising activities, The Banjaran places your physical and mental wellness front and centre. It’s time to unwind and rediscover the power of well-being and personal healing.

Hot Springs

Wash away your worries, strains and physical pains with a long, lazy dip in hot spring pools burrowed in the heart of our prehistoric valley. One of the region’s most impressive natural wonders, more than 3 billion litres of mineral-rich water gently simmer below the surface, soothing and invigorating mind, body and spirit. These geothermal healing qualities have been enjoyed by generations for millennia — now it’s your turn to slip under and let the springs take over.  

Treatment Caves

Surrounded by limestone mountains hiding mystical caves, The Banjaran is blessed to be located in the midst of such an enchanting terrain. Over the years, we’ve carefully and thoughtfully adopted some of these caverns to benefit your well-being, ensuring our footprint remains as light as possible. Seek solace and vigour in the Thermal Steam Cave, which houses a natural sauna and ice bath, embrace the silence of the Meditation Cave or restore balance in the Crystal Cave with a reiki session.

Garra rufa pool

Dip your feet into our exotic garra rufa pool and let the doctor fish do their business. A natural form for exfoliation, the small fish will nibble away at any dead cells, leaving your feet feeling refreshed.

Jungle Walk

Become one with nature on an exhilarating and educational canter through the forests, along limestone hills and secret caves. Our expert guide will highlight unique flora and fauna on this leisurely 30-minute trek.


There's no reason to let your work-out regime slip at The Banjaran. Our fitness centre is fully equipped with the latest accessories, serene views of the lush surroundings and on-hand refreshments to keep you feeling your best during your stay. You can also soak up the vibes in our geothermal-heated pool. There's plenty of room for a few morning laps, a leisurely afternoon soak and an evening dip under the stars. Or you can simply lounge around indulging in the sun-soaked vibes with a refreshing drink from the swim-up Pool Bar.

Swimming Pool

Created over the natural hot springs bed, the outdoor mineral-rich geothermal-heated swimming pool allows you to simply relax in its healing waters, or swim up to the pool bar to sip on refreshing beverages.

Yoga, Meditation & Tai Chi Classes

As the sun slowly sinks into the surrounding jungle, join our in-house guru for a 45-minute Hatha Yoga and Pranayama class. Held daily on our dedicated yoga platform, the ancient Hindu discipline is a spiritual way to wave goodbye to another day in paradise.