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3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Room in Georgetown City

You really can find everything in Penang!

Thinking of going on a trip with your family? Look no further than Penang, the island where all the best foods in Malaysia are. Penang is an amazing place to go to as it has plenty of family-friendly attractions and activities. You can literally spend your entire time awake hunting for food while sightseeing, and an entire day of fun means that a good night’s sleep is needed in order to try out even more things the next day!

This is when a good and comfortable accommodation will do wonders. Trips with your family usually lasts more than just 2 days, especially if you’re not from around. Lucky for you, Penang is never short of amazing hotels, such as Sunway Hotel Georgetown. However, choosing a hotel room shouldn’t just be based off a hunch. There are a few things to consider when choosing a hotel room, especially if it’s for family.

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Who are you bringing with you?

The number of people going on the trip together with you will determine the number of rooms required. To a certain extent, their age matters too. For instance, senior citizens might require rooms that are not too far from the hotel’s amenities and facilities, while toddlers or children might require additional mattresses. Furthermore, do they have any special preferences or sleeping habits that might require them to have their own room, such as sleep apnea? Having such details will make planning easier and everyone’s holiday much more comfortable.

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What are your ideal places of interest?

By now, you should already have a rough idea of the places in Penang that you would like to visit with your family. Knowing so allows you to effectively narrow down your choices; if the places you plan to visit are within the vicinity of each other, go for a hotel nearby the area. For instance, if you plan to take a foodie tour to the famous New Lane Hawker Centre, staying at Sunway Hotel Georgetown makes perfect sense as it’s literally right at the doorstep of the hotel. Besides, it also helps cut down on travelling time, maximising the time you have to spend with your family members.

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What do the hotel’s patrons say about the hotel?

In this digital era, it’s extremely easy to check out how most people feel about hotels, especially with internet anonymity. This means hotel star ratings, ratings for the hotel’s amenities, facilities, services, hospitality, cleanliness etc. The rule of thumb is to go for hotels with at least 4-star ratings in Penang, simply because they are known to be the better ones out there. Given how transparent some of the online reviews might be, as long as there are no red flags (extremely negative reviews), it should be fine.

Family room in Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang

Sunway Hotel Georgetown’s Family Rooms are what you need

Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang is the preferred hotel for both business and leisure travellers. We are a 4-star hotel that meets more than just regular safety, hospitality and cleanliness standards. Staying at our hotel is not only affordable, but of amazing value too, given the great facilities and amenities we have to offer. Furthermore, many of George Town’s best attractions are nearby our hotel. As always, booking direct with us is always better, as you will be entitled to various exclusive value-added services. 

Family room facilities in Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang
Our specially-made Family Rooms come with a King-sized bed and a single bed – comfortably accommodating a family of 3. The room also comes with a 32” LCD TV, an exceptional choice of local television and international satellite channels, complimentary premium Wi-Fi and an in-room safety deposit box. It’s perfect for people of all ages, and when your family is happy, you’re happy.