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Top picks around Sunway City

With a host of food & beverage outlets featuring all types of cuisines from around the world available in Sunway City, we understand that it's a difficult decision to pick just one. Here's our personal top picks that we know you will enjoy!

Grand Imperial

Grand Imperial

Enjoy Cantonese cuisine in a fine-dining environment that showcases not just delicious tastes, but great presentation as well.

Hai Di Lao at Sunway Pyramid

Hai Di Lao

Head on over to the popular Hai Di Lao for the ultimate dining experience featuring authentic Sichuan hot pot cuisines for a truly satisfying meal.

Ole-Ole Bali at Sunway Pyramid Mall

Ole-Ole Bali

Experience distinctive balinese flavours using fresh ingredients and aromatic spices, served in a cosy atmosphere.

K Fry at Sunway Pyramid Mall

K Fry Urban Korean

Indulge in authentic Korean Fried Chicken and hearty Korean food with an urban twist.

Din Tai Fung


Savour exquisite Taiwanese cuisine, with it's speciality in steamed dumplings and noodles. Don't miss out on its iconic Xiao Long Bao!