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Choose from over 15 restaurants, cafés and bars offering a melting pot of flavours from Western to Asian cuisine and everything in between, without ever having to leave our hotel premises.
Delight in the latest and finest cuisine from all over the world, made to order right before your eyes. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Catch up over afternoon tea or start the night with our specialty cocktails while you take in a beautiful panoramic view of Sunway Resort City.
The perfect spot to unwind over light snacks, cigars, whiskey or brandy.

Kick back and relax at our outdoor bar overlooking the swimming pool where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or a light tasty meal.

Enjoy a dazzling variety of top-quality local and international dishes available with 11 food eateries and 3 mini-restaurants in one place.

Treat yourself to an elegant Thai fine dining experience where authentic cuisine meets courteous service in a luxurious setting.

Visit one of Kuala Lumpur’s treasured Cantonese restaurant, which offers a unique selection of specialty dishes in upscale comfort.

Experience contemporary concept dining with eight eateries in a single outlet from premium hawker fare and fresh Japanese sushi.


Choose from over 160 food & beverage outlets at the nearby Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, where you will discover anything from local delights to familiar international restaurant chains.²

Your first taste of real Malaysian food from Chinese, Malay and Indian styles of cooking.

Rare delights and halal must-haves from the Arab nations and the Mediterranean.

Steak, roasts, pastas and more from popular local and international restaurants.

Prominent styles of Chinese cuisine from the Eight Culinary Cuisines of China with interesting local varieties.

Fresh sushi, sashimi, bento and more at our wide selection of Japanese fast food and fine dining outlets.

Quick, tasty bites and snacks from all of the world’s leading fast food restaurants.

Exotic Asian dishes from all over the region including popular Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese favourites.

The finest coffees, teas and refreshments at our local and international cafés and specialty bars.

Indulgent dessert, pastries and buns for savoury and sweet tooth’s alike.

¹Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa F&B Tenant

²Available in Halal, Non-Halal and Pork-Free



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Excite your senses with Middle Eastern flavours at The Resort Cafe.
Enjoy a Tea Time of Leisure with premium selections of teas and gourmet pastries.
The Resort Cafe's Sunday High Tea Buffet goes over-the-top with choices galore.
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Starting on 1 April 2015, the existing Government Tax would be replaced by the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 6%.