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A Night of Football, Food and Fun

FIFA is the name, football is the game. That’s right, the FIFA World Cup is back after a four-year hiatus! Loved by millions around the world for more than just the sport, football is a universal language that speaks to every culture and country. Being a sports lover, I’ll definitely be tuning in to the matches this season.

In Malaysia, one will find mamak stalls and 24-hour dining outlets brimming with football enthusiasts donning their favourite country jerseys, screaming and cheering their teams on. Growing up in a football friendly household, my family has always welcomed this quadrennial event and as a result I have grown to love the sport and the undeniable spirit of unity that comes with it. 


After being away for so long, I’ve missed watching football matches outdoors. So I decided to catch the Australia vs France match away from home. Coincidentally, I received an e-mail from Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa about their latest offerings for the FIFA World Cup season and decided to try it out.


Entrance to the Outdoor Stadium


At Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, two ‘stadiums’ are open for everyone to catch the matches on large screens accompanied by mega sound systems for the best viewing experience. The Indoor Stadium caters to those who prefer an air-conditioned space and is located at The Lobby Lounge at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Personally, I wanted an outdoor setting so I made my way to the Outdoor Stadium located at Level 1, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.


Seats are limited so call to reserve!


When I reached the Outdoor Stadium, I was impressed with the decorations put up by the hotel as it had a very sporty ambience with posters and memorabilias. I didn’t want to take my chances so I called to make a reservation for myself. Luckily I did because the seats started to fill up not long after my arrival. I took a seat at my premium spot, browsed through the menu and ordered the Shawarma Delight Combo which was perfect for me to munch on while watching the game. The combo I chose was only enough for one person but they also cater for combos up to 2 pax which looked super delicious but I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Chef preparing the yummy Shawarma


A beautiful view while enjoying my Shawarma


As the match started, I cheered with the other football lovers around me and it was such a fun and euphoric atmosphere. When Pogba scored the winning goal at the 80th minute, I just started celebrating! Despite which team the others were supporting, everyone still cheered and celebrated together. To me, that is the true spirit of football. A love for a sport which unites the whole world despite which team or country you support. 



Football themed table centrepiece


I was really impressed with the atmosphere that Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa was able to create which boosted up my excitement for the match. Overall, the food was amazing, the atmosphere was exciting and I’m definitely going back to catch the final match.


With love,


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