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As the Lunar New Year approaches, brace yourself for the overwhelming amount of questions that will be coming straight for you from your "curious" aunties and uncles. It is also the time to either put aside your diet plan or fail miserably from all the delicious Chinese delicacies and snacks that you will be indulging for the next 15 days of celebration.


And while you’re enjoying all the food and delicacies, did you know that every dish served on the table during the reunion dinner has a special meaning, especially to the Chinese community. Here are five of our favourite traditional dishes that are loaded with symbolic meanings for a prosperous year ahead.


Salmon and Fruity Kataifi Yee Sang

Yee Sang (鱼生)

No reunion in Malaysia is complete without first tossing this traditional dish that symbolises all things auspicious high in the air with joyful exclamations ofLoh Heywhich means to “move upwards”. For a twist to this delightful dish, The Resort Café is offering the Salmon and Fruit Yee Sang, topped with Kataifi, which is thinly shredded crispy dough, giving you a crunchy texture and a burst of flavours in every bite. This is alongside five other selections.

Steamed Fish with Minced Garlic Chili Sauce

Fish ()

Your reunion dinner table is only complete with a fish dish as it represents “年年有余” (nián nián you yú), which literally means abundance. Most importantly, the whole fish must be served on the plate – head, eyeballs, tail and all. For a taste of our award-winning chef’s secret sauce of garlic and chili poured over a perfectly steamed Pearl Dragon Trout, bring your family and friends for an unforgettable roundtable gathering at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and feast on one of our eight-course prosperity set menus.

Fried Prawn with Fragrant Garlic & Chili

Prawn ()

Prawn symbolises happiness as it is pronounced ashain Cantonese, which sounds like someone laughing. While there are many ways of cooking it, our favourite would be the fried version with fragrant garlic and some chili to add a little oomph to the dish. Fried prawns not your cup of tea? How about dressing it with some pumpkin butter sauce? Either way, we have it.


CNY Desserts & Cookies

Nian Gao(年糕)

Have it fried, steamed, drizzled with shredded coconut, wrapped into a sesame ball or steamed into a bun. No matter how you like your Nian Gao, our pastry chefs will be busy prepping it for you to enjoy on the buffet spread at The Resort Café. So, go on and have as much as you like and nián nián gāo sheng (advancing to a better and higher position in life).

Tang Yuen with Ginger infused Syrup

Tang Yuen(汤圆)

Tang Yuen represents ‘togetherness’. Draw a sweet ending to your heart-warming family reunion dinner by having our traditional sweetened Tang Yuen coupled with a bowl of warm ginger soup that can also ease your digestion at the same time.

So, start planning the festive celebrations and indulge at The Resort Café’s buffet and set menu offerings from 2 February until 3 March 2018.



Call us at  +6 03 7495 2009 / 7492 8000  or email to to make your reservation or enquire for more information. The Resort Café is located at the Lobby Level of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.


Wishing you Gong Xi Fa Cai.



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