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A Much Needed Day at the Spa

Since my return to Malaysia, I’ve been bothered with deep aches around my neck and shoulders which seemed to be getting worse by the day. After consulting my good friend Google, it appeared that I was in need of a good massage. However, after my previous not so pleasant experience, I was really apprehensive about getting massages. Nevertheless, I decided since I really needed one, I will brave it. 


I did a Google search for some spa recommendations around my area and picked up some good reviews about Mandara Spa located at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Without hesitation, I picked up the phone and made an appointment with them.


Lush greenery surrounding the walkway to Mandara Spa


Mandara Spa is located at Level 5, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and one can easily follow these red and yellow umbrellas to find their way to the Spa. Along my walk to Mandara Spa, I couldn’t help but notice the lush greenery and the quaint hidden villas. In addition, the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling made me feel one with nature, calmed my nerves and in a way prepared me for my upcoming treatment.


Red and yellow umbrellas marking the way to Mandara Spa


Upon entering Mandara Spa, I was immediately captivated by the fragrance of essential oils permeating the air. I was greeted by a lovely receptionist by the name of Siti who began explaining the treatments available.  After listening to Siti, I decided to try the 50 minutes Balinese massage which is one of their most popular massages. 


Cool ginger tea and peppermint scented facial towel served upon arrival at Mandara Spa


Before the treatment started, I was given a selection of 4 oils to choose from for my massage, the Mandara Oil, Island Spice Oil, Harmony Oil and Tranquility Oil. My massage therapist, Yin explained the benefits and ingredients of each of the oils which served different purposes. I was torn between the Island Spice Oil, a blend of ginger, clove and nutmeg essential oils and the Tranquility Oil, a relaxing blend of lavender, vetiver and cananga essential oils because they both smelled so good but in the end I went with the Island Spice Oil as it is apparently good for sore muscles due to its warming properties.

Yin explaining the oils to me


The popular Balinese massage is a traditional massage known to be good for relaxation and blood circulation. The treatment is a combination of long, gentle strokes and kneading techniques to loosen knotted tissues.

After getting changed, I lay on the massage table and began my treatment. Because I have a low tolerance to pain, I requested for a medium pressure massage and Yin adjusted the pressure to my preference. Truth be told the massage was really amazing and I was able to feel a release of the built up tension in my muscles to reach an ultimate state of relaxation.


My comfortable therapy room equipped with a washroom and couch


Be sure to ask for Yin the next time you’re there and experience the magic yourself!  Her smooth, evenly pressured strokes were both calming and satisfying. Additionally, the soft and soothing sounds of nature and birds chirping in my therapy room gave me a complete feeling of tranquility. Throughout the treatment, Yin was sweet enough to check with me if the air conditioning temperature was suitable for me.

After my treatment ended, which I was not looking forward to, Yin served me a warm cup of ginger tea to bring the massage session to a close. I left the Spa feeling extremely relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated. The massage was really amazing, the staff was helpful and the ambience gave me the ultimate feeling of serenity and satisfaction. I can safely say that after my session at Mandara Spa, I’ve gotten over my fear of massages. To be honest, I’ve already booked my next session and wondering which treatment I should try out next!


With love,



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