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The beautiful things in life are just not about things. 

It is about the people, places and pictures. Feelings, laughter and memories. It is those little moments that provide every reason to celebrate. 


At Sunway Hotels & Resorts, we celebrate the many little moments with #BigLittleBreak. From the moment you arrive, #BigLittleBreak takes over. Designed by you for you, indulge in the ultimate #BigLittleBreak experience. Whether it is to stay or things to do, your experiences are your very own moments with #BigLittleBreak . 


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Whether you choose to rest in the comforts of one of the 401 superior rooms or venture out to explore the wonders that Sunway City has to offer, expect the same burst of excitement and offerings.

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The Resort Café 's Sunday High Tea Buffet goes over-the-top with choices galore.
Treat your family at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa or Sunway Clio Hotel for a well-deserved stay and fun-filled times at Sunway Lagoon theme park.