COVID-19 UPDATE: Learn more about our commitment to safety and cleanliness with Sunway Safe Stay.


Sunway Hotels & Resorts in Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam has implemented “new norms” best practices and policies in all Sunway Hotels to enhance its hygiene practices and protocols in light of combating COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative includes the Sunway Safe Stay programme, which incorporates five (5) pillars of safety and hygiene comprising of almost 30 protocols of heightened cleaning practices, assurance and well-being standards. 

We have always prioritised a stringent cleaning protocol at all our hotels to help ensure the comfort of our guests and colleagues. Whilst we are aware that the way people will choose to travel henceforth has changed, for us, the fundamentals of a safe and protected stay will not. This initiative includes the practice of highly visible and more frequent cleaning measures and different methods to food and beverage all reinforced by our new Sunway Stay Safe commitment which ultimately focuses on the holistic experience of our guests with a special emphasis on their well-being. 

These protocols were already in place on the onset of the outbreak in early January 2020 and will be continuously practised throughout all Sunway properties, adhering to the new standards and SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation.

The programme builds on Sunway’s existing protocols and includes staff training and the formation of an advisory committee comprising of medical experts from Sunway Medical Centre and industry professionals. In addition, every Sunway Hotels & Resorts have at least one person on property trained as a hygiene / safety manager adhering to new operational guidance and protocols.

The “Sunway Safe Stay” programme focuses on heightened hotel cleaning practices, social interactions and workplace protocols which pertain to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and reassuring guests and hotel employees that all spaces within the hotel is safe. Amongst the best practices and protocols that is continuously applied are:

1) Guests are required to wear a face mask at all times when they are in the hotel’s indoor premises. This requirement may vary based on local or national mandates for each Sunway property. For specific requirements, please contact the hotel directly.

2) Temperature checks may be required at some locations in compliance with the local government mandates and practices. 

3) Guests are required to follow the guidelines implemented by the respective local government on contact-tracing and/or self-declaration.

4) Physical distancing will be observed at all times and floor markers will be present at queuing areas, including at the front desk, concierge and/or cashier counters. In addition, furniture in public areas around the hotel has been rearranged to maintain physical distancing rules.

5) Partitions and/or physical distancing arrangements are placed at the hotel’s front desk to provide an added level of precaution and comfort for guests and staff. 

6) Guests are encouraged to use the hotel’s contactless services which includes express check-out to facilitate ease of departure and/or also e-wallet payments where available at the front desk and food and beverage outlets.

7) All hotel employee front liners are required to wear protective masks; housekeeping staff and those who are handling luggage delivery and food and beverage will be required to wear disposal gloves.

8) In the elevators, safety instructions, including the number of guests allowed at one time, are placed inside the elevators. The elevator floor has been clearly marked with directions, so that guests do not face each other and maintain proper physical distancing.

9) Depending on availability, guests can opt to order room service from the food and beverage outlets located at respective hotels which will be specially packed in a single-use container with cutleries and delivered right to their door for hygiene and safety purposes. 

10) Hotel concierge can assist in arranging private transportation for guests if they prefer not to use public transportation when moving around the city. Valet service is available but for self-park service only. All complimentary hotel shuttle services have been temporarily suspended. 

Other safety and security measures in place by Sunway Hotels & Resorts include (but not limited to):

1) Hotel team members continue to receive daily briefings and enhanced operating protocols on the latest guidelines and guidance on hygiene and cleaning.

2) Increased daily frequency of cleaning at all public areas with a focus on high-touch point areas located at the lobbies, counters at the front desk, elevators (including elevator buttons), door handles, handrails, public bathrooms, hotel guests’ vehicles with the use of medical-grade disinfectants. Increased placement of anti-bacterial hand sanitisers for all guests and colleagues to use frequently.  

3) Establishment of sanitising stations throughout the hotel for guest convenience at entrance, reception, public areas and elevators.

4) Sanitisation of guest luggage with medical grade disinfectants upon arrival at the lobby entrance. 

5) All guest rooms will go through a stringent deep-cleaning and sanitisation process that includes 10 high-touch point hygiene protocol on surfaces such as switches and electrical controls, door handles and knob, bathroom surfaces, telephone and remote controls, bed and bedding, bath amenities, hard surfaces, closet items, food & beverage cutlery and thermostats. Thereafter, a notification will be placed at the room door to indicate that proper cleaning and sanitising has been undertaken. Guest room key cards will be disinfected before and after usage.

6) The removal of items such as decorative pillows, bed runners, paper notepads, pens and guest directory. These items including robes and room slippers can be supplied upon request.

7) Daily housekeeping services has been modified. Guests can adjust the frequency or opt-out if they choose to by contacting the front desk. 

8) Unless otherwise indicated, the hotel’s fitness centre and swimming pool will operate under the new normal SOPs and Sunway Safe Stay protocol.

9) Health and hygiene reminders are placed at strategic points within the hotel premises. 

1) Continue to adjust food and beverage services in accordance with current food safety recommendations. Kitchen staff continue to wear gloves and masks at all times when working or preparing food; in accordance with the stringent Food Safety Management System (FSMS) policy. Sterilisation of all chinaware, glassware and cutlery using high temperature washing equipment.

2) Strongly advise event organisers (EOs) to take necessary precautions when organising events at the hotel. To reduce the risk of community transmission and adhering to the guidelines set-forth by the local Ministry of Health, each hotel has also designed meeting packages that observes these guidelines which includes physical distancing measurements and set-up requirements. 

1) In the spaces where colleagues work “behind the scenes”, we have increased the daily frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch point areas including staff entrances, locker rooms, laundry rooms, staff restaurants and offices.

2) Placement of notices and information related to COVID-19 reminding hotel team members on strict personal hygiene.

3) Physical distancing to be observed at all times with floor markers present and seating arrangements one-metre apart at staff restaurants and other related areas.

4) Sunway Hotels & Resorts’ provides each of our hotels real-time information and support through Sunway Group’s Crisis Management Response and Recovery (CMRR) Team, providing round-the-clock assistance and are on stand-by and prepared to act swiftly should there be a case at one of our hotels.

5) When alerted to a case of COVID-19 at one of our hotels, together with the Sunway Group’s Crisis Management Response and Recovery (CMRR) Team, we will immediately activate the relevant protocols and work in tandem with the local health authorities to obtain the facts and guidance on steps to take with both guests and staff. We will undertake additional deep cleaning and disinfection across all common areas of the hotel as well as known areas where the said guest has been during their stay. In addition, the hotel will seal the said guest’s room (e.g., preventing entry by staff or others) and undertake a room recovery protocol that is designed to sanitise and disinfect everything in the room including sanitising the air.

6) Strict rules and guidelines have been enforced for all hotel team members who may have been in close contact with a positive case to be screened immediately. Team members with positive results are required to be quarantined at home for a stipulated time mandated before returning to work.

COVID-19 has profoundly changed the way we live and when travel resumes, we want to make sure that all Sunway Hotels & Resorts guests feel confident that each facet of our commitment is designed with their safety and well-being in mind. We have intensified these measures and will continue to do so at all our properties to ensure that you can experience an elevated level of protection, assurance and comfort. 

Should you require any assistance or have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at We would like to thank you for putting your trust in us. We look forward to welcoming you back. 

We will continue to update this page with the latest information.